Pine Barons

by Pine Barons

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Our debut album.
Released - 03/16/2013


released March 16, 2013



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Pine Barons Shamong, New Jersey

Born among the pitch pines of southern New Jersey, Pine Barons is a super team of ultra-pals who write songs for everyday thinkers, movers, magicians, friends, animals, and legends. With a satchels-worth of musical influences, these four heroes devote themselves to the mission of spreading rock n roll, good times, high fives and hot sauce to friends around the world. ... more

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Track Name: Carnival
red devil red diamond both leveled in silence say think less get tired when your dress gets admired red blood cells red flowers both get saved when it showers but don't leave puddles only to keep them far from lonely orange sunset orange kittens orange red and greenish mittens one time we were so yellow and I learned to play the cello we slept beneath the willow but then the thunder'd billow green tree leaf green green fold up table read short story green green fable blue wolf sweater blue blue sky cedar fountain shadow eyes purple painting posing people purple raindrop on a steeple purple pain for violent people purple raindrop on a steeple
Track Name: Smile America
again again I say my friend when is this all going to end my friend my friend who’s lost again the end that I would recommend well I see no light after the setting sun only sky tells me that the past is gone oh no goodbye hello said I when I chose my next generation now crawling back my drunken mule ill ride that train on a pedestal until all my shredded finger tips lose grip on the bottom lip says it tell me who’s behind the mess because awakeness holds me like a marionette and I'm dancing for only you I bet its you behind the mess and you wont confess well I’m listening now so make me proud but the horse is quiet when I’m a crawling sound on the ground looking up trying not to drown out of human bone I see you've made yourself a crown I'm an obnoxious solitary vent serenade by another world when I marinate myself again and send to them a fake transcend psychotherapy for the misconceived for the disbelief of normalcy tell me tell me tell me where’s the start begin cause the end told me that I don't deserve to breath lender pretender full speed blender return to sender fender bender tender mender don’t surrender infant dementor always remember I’m a disgrace of a fathers son and I see myself in everyone swallowed several self indulgent signs of my future torch lit path of dying you can follow me but I wont lead cause love and hate is all we need the wind the kite the lullaby the voice the song the wishful american dream
Track Name: Alpha-igloo-bet
accuracy is not the key to a horizontal enemy bringing back the old memory shakes the water classify all your reasons why you sharpen up your battle axe derived from good your snake eyes killed the martyr evidently your worlds all good and gone on account of me four times left alone it fled away into the brine ghouls and bats rested on big black cats as their eyes lit up the night heroin infested slowly through their brittle minds imagine it’s a tropical ocean in the sky to clear out humanity justice I give it for giving a try kind there’s a lot of different ones in this place lesser you think I am one than you moses was a talented magician for all I could see not that houdini  lies alone with the fallen trees beneath the brush with a disease open wide and give me your loudest scream like you been stung by a giant killer bee and my peripherals tell me that the only vendetta siren sign grew cold with a side of noise we quarantined ourselves on top a mountain for a while before we could start a fire the renovated property where we built a quiet home a wooden igloo sorry said the zookeeper I need to take this land to captivate the creatures that belong and tonight we said to ourselves tonight is all we need for us to be umbrellas help protect us from the opening in the sky venus is the planet I came from and I’m going back to the white silent room beneath the ground till I hear the ring of a xylophone then ill meet the sun and its not too far away yesterday I gained the knowledge that I need because a zebra ran with pride through a pack of wolves id say he did it right he did it right on through the night and had no fear and no idea of what was wrong oh what a sight
Track Name: Black Matter
once we get to talking, slurried speaking nobody is gonna leave without a fight there’s something inside all of us loving reaching each other in the comfort of a cold dark night you sure spend a lot of time thinking thinking and I’m running on empty but I’m still awake we’re all making sounds like animals animals forget us and our focus daybreak at the lake this is how my nights are tossing turning I don’t want the sun to watch me fall asleep we’re together round the fire dancing singing so anything beyond that’s something I don’t need this how the heart goes pitter patter this is how my mind gets to racing we all know its not the work of black matter or the inner workings of an unknown scheme there is no reason in place of feeling no change of season stops midnight meetings like the grip on your pant leg from a child in the dark or the weight of black matter pulling shrouds among the stars there is always something just a little down the road when were too far at sea to be caught in the undertow
Track Name: Chamber Choir
once upon a waking dream I felt you feeling pain rain came washed away your gloombody today felt upon a sleeping gleam capable to refrain woodcutter came and rotted all my limbs today flames went up together making sane a rhythm mating crane sea dried up with every limping hurricane painting vandal brush and spray to act on what we say shine a light on what was first made out of clay turn around astray away array awhile from me back again resend your memory wasted on a single roller skate with a trash pick leg make a rainbow sin willing to beg candle bulb illuminate the fast of darkest night day would clench the satan jaw to bite universe will circle round the chamber choir tonight facing fear and basking in delight
Track Name: Since I've Been Away
since I’ve been away I wrote a novel in my head that hung a cliff high on the train wreck of secrets I’d spilt all over you its raining on my head sometimes I wish my head was dead but you don’t like it when I talk that way because death is something we don’t chose from everything id seen to all that drips from our machines may seem a little less unclean when they’re not dirty kill the time its a curse and worse than dividing lines nothing will be boring wait till I can stay so I wont ever keep you waiting cause right now I need to go away again one day when I get saved I’m gonna give back all I take and write down everything that I think with a big stick in the sand and fill up the whole beach now that I can see I will say anything I want I will do anything I please because its me and I forgot who I was from everything you read to all the gifts that you receive may seem a little less redeemed when they’re not broken it’s a curse and worse than dividing lines nothing will be boring wait till I can stay so I wont ever keep you waiting cause right now I need to go away again
Track Name: Don't Believe What They Told You
columbine of conscious symbol training went a long way when my timbre grew away from everything that fell today all my love was dwindling to all the empty songs we sing and still the sentiment was clinging to the walls of distant ending all the fallen trees claim constant craving for your distant dream cause all that was awake just fell asleep on the whole world all the fallen trees grew roots that didn’t look like they’d belong creator control the matter don’t inebriate the latter solemn tide drew manic crystal fading from its mystic mane of bubble fainting from my shamest cresting window pane up and down the roads grew dark and light with every single spark you made me fall in love forever I was special to whoever gave me what I have for now and wont burn out that raining cloud but all that was awake just fell asleep on the whole world and now that grinning sun you paired up with that frowning moon you cleared up created the blackest matter for the faintest sound of shatter maybe when the little words are cleaner for the future birds rain on their faces maybe when we smile more awake awake awake awake awaken the basements awaken the rain scent wash off the face paint tell us the wrong things take all the wrong things jesus christ jesus christ jesus christ jesus christ jesus christ jesus christ jesus christ jesus christ